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Diversity Week — Correcting “Corrections”: Addressing sexual, religious, and racial discrimination facing women in prison

Diversity Week — Correcting “Corrections”: Addressing sexual, religious, and racial discrimination facing women in prison

Join MLSA and MESALSA for a panel highlighting the experiences of incarcerated women and the unique impact of incarceration on women from ethnic and religious minorities. We will hear from Marwa Elbially, the attorney representing Aafia Siddiqui. Aafia Siddiqui is a Pakistani-Muslim woman currently unjustly held in FMC Carswell, a federal prison located in Fort Worth, for over 19 years. We will also be hearing from Chantel Dudley, who will speak about her experience being incarcerated in FMC Carswell and the injustices and abuse she experienced there. 

This panel discusses the lived experiences of incarcerated women, the law's current state, and how it inadequately addresses the challenges of imprisoned women.

Hosted by MLSA and MESALSA.  Gyros from Wava Halal Grill for all who RSVP!   (Registration for meals will close 6 hours before the event, but all are welcome to attend the program even once registration is listed as "closed.")

Attorney Marwa Elbially of Elbially Law, PLLC is committed to advocating for the rights of underrepresented groups. Prior to opening her practice, Ms. Elbially worked for several years at non-profts on a wide variety of legal issues that affected the civil liberties of Muslims in the United States involving criminal, civil, and immigration law. 

Chantel Dudley is a formerly incarcerated woman from Tennessee. After being transferred to federal prison at FMC Carswell in Fort Worth, Texas in 2018, she spent 37 months there on a drug conviction, during which she was sexually assaulted several times by one of the case managers there. He was subsequently arrested in 2017 after pleading guilty to sexual abuse of a ward and received a one-year sentence. Chantel now lives with her 7-year old daughter in Tennessee, where she's currently receiving psychological treatment for what she faced in FMC Carswell. 

Alicia Amandla has over 20 years of legal administration experience. She started her career at an entertainment law firm, and after several successful years learning the ins and outs of the legal profession, Alicia relocated to Dallas and started getting acquainted with the areas non-profit and philanthropic community. For the past four years, Alicia has served as the Special Projects Director for Girls Embracing Mothers - a nonprofit organization that supports justice impacted women. Simultaneously, she supports the Buried Alive Project which through transformative litigation, legislation, and humanization fights to free people serving draconian sentences handed down under outdated federal drug laws in the same capacity as the Special Projects Director. Alicia’s career has been marked by providing top-tier support and unwavering commitment to excellence. She is determined to continue working on projects that support justice, equity, and opportunity for others. Her passion to advocate for justice involved individuals stems from personal experiences and she is committed to championing for those adversely affected by the criminal justice system.

Thursday, October 20, 2022
5:00pm - 6:00pm
Hillcrest Classroom, Underwood Law Library
Registration has closed.

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