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Flickin Chicken - Game 6

Flickin Chicken - Game 6 In-Person

Sign up to play Flickin Chicken! See below for rules on how to play. Please remember that you may only sign up for one game at this time to allow everyone an opportunity to play. You will not be able to pick your opponent.

Object of the game: Try to land any part of your Flickin Chicken on the target within the least amount of throws as possible. The player with the lowest score after nine-rounds is the winner.


  1. Each player chooses a Flickin Chicken. Pay attention to the color, this is YOUR chicken!
  2. Designate someone to be the scorekeeper. This person will keep score during the game using the provided score-keeper and pencil/pen. Write each player's name in the score-keeper.
  3. The player with the last name closest to 'A' will be the first to throw their Flickin Chicken. The order will be determined by alphabet.

Playing Each Round:

  1. Flickin Chicken in played in nine rounds (or until the 20-minute playing time is up). The person with the lowest score after the nine rounds (or time limit) is the winner.
  2. At the start of the first round, the player with the last name closest to 'A' throws first. For subsequent rounds, the winner of the previous round goes first. If there was a tie in the previous round, play paper-scissors-rock to determine the thrower. 
  3. Taking turns, each player throws their Flickin Chicken at the Target Disc, trying to land any part of their chicken on the disc. If you land any part of your Flickin Chicken on the Target Disc on your first throw, this is a 'Pollo-In-One'. Everyone should congratulate you, as it's quite a feat.
  4. After everyone has thrown, it is now time for your next throw (if needed). The player whose chicken landed furthest from the Target Disc will go next (throwing from where the chicken landed) continuing with the next furthest player, so forth and so on.
  5. Repeat this until everyone has landed any part of their Flickin Chicken onto the Target Disc. Once you hit the Target Disc, remove your chicken from play. Keep track of your throws as each throw is equal to one point.
  6. When every player has landed their chicken on the target the round is over. It is now time to score the round. 
  7. Repeat the above until you have completed nine rounds, or reached the 20-minute time limit.


  1. The Target DIsc has two sides, a Bonus side and a Penalty side. Each round is different depending on which side of the Target DIsc is facing up. Each round will rotate the side facing up, beginning with the Bonus first.
  2. If any part of your Flickin Chicken is TOUCHING the center white circle of the Target Disc then score accordingly and as follows:
    1. Penalty (+1) - Add one point to your score if any part of your Flickin Chicken is touching the Penalty Circle.
    2. Bonus (-1) - Deduct one point from your score if any part of your Flickin Chicken is touching the Bonus Circle.
  3. After determining if Bonus or Penalty points apply to a players score, write their score in the score-keeper using the provided pencil/pen.
  4. After nine rounds, or the 20-minute time limit, tally up the players' scores. The player with the lowest score wins! The winner of the game will take the score-keeper to the Game Table to collect their prize medal.
Friday, May 17, 2024
1:40pm - 2:00pm
Time Zone:
Central Time - US & Canada (change)
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