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Observe an Award-Winning Teacher: Dr. Jennifer O'Brien

Observe an Award-Winning Teacher: Dr. Jennifer O'Brien

Observe Dr. Jennifer O'Brien, a 2018 Provost's Teaching Recognition Award winner, instruct the 30-50 students enrolled in her CHEM 1113: General Chemistry Laboratory class. This undergraduate class session is a key lab in the semester in which students learn how to standardize chemicals by process of titration. Many of our students will use this technique throughout their careers, whether in industry or academia, making it an opportunity to learn "real world" skills. The students enjoy this day in lab, where they are challenged to beat the professor's results. They usually do! The teaching techniques include a lab demonstration and examples from industry (specifically the semiconductor industry) to help students envision how they might use the techniques they are learning today in the future. For more information about the class, see the course description below. Note: only one person may register to observe this class session. You will receive the classroom location after registering.

Course description: Chem 1113 is the first semester of the general chemistry lab that accompanies the chemistry lecture. In this lab, students learn the basics of the laboratory techniques and methods necessary for scientific inquiry and problem solving, including practical operations with measuring, reacting, filtering, and titrating chemicals.

Monday, March 4, 2024
11:00am - 1:50pm
Center for Teaching Excellence  

Registration is required. There is 1 seat available.

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