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Use the location dropdown to specify where the appointment will take place. Selecting a different location will reload the appointment dates and times that are available to be booked.
- Jeanene Renfro

Tell me about all the changes you want to make to your academic goals: your majors and minors, etc. 

If you booked a zoom appointment, meet me on your computer in a quiet location with STRONG connectivity.  You will be sharing your screen with me.

Bring your computer to an office appointment because you will be sharing your screen with me.   

Prepare for advising by making a list of CC categories that are Not Satisfied.

Read your DPR (Degree Progress Report) in my.SMU. 
Open ACADEMICS in the blue navigation column and select Degree Progress. When it opens, select View PDF.  If it doesn't open, remove your pop-up blocker.  

Scroll down the DPR to the COMMON CURRICULUM heading.
Locate Foundations; Breadths; and CC PREX Verification headings.                                                                       PRoficiencies & EXperiences = PREX.   

Beneath the headings, list all of the categories that say Not Satisfied. 




Jeanene Renfro is available at multiple locations.

Select the location where you would like to book an appointment.